Teddy Bear Land Personalized Storybook

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Teddy Bear Land Personalized Childrens Book
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Teddy Bear Land Personalized Children's Book

Encourage the Gift of Reading
Hard Cover • 6" x 9"   
Reading Age: 4-8

Your child the star of the story!

Join a teddy bear on a magical journey through Teddy Bear Land. Play games and meet 
pink marshmallow bunnies.

Imagine the joy of children as they flip through the pages of a colorful book and see their 
name woven into the storyline. Our personalized concept encourages children to read 
and makes learning fun because they're reading about themselves and friends. Personalized 
books build children's self-esteem and self-image because they are the stars of the stories. 
All stories are thoughtfully written to convey positive, wholesome messages. Illustrations are 
colorfully drawn to maximize a child's sensory enjoyment. The books become a valuable 
teaching tool and a unique family keepsake.

What we need from you to make the book. (below information is required)

  • First and last name of child:
  • Child's gender:
  • Age of child: (optional)
  • City and State of the child: 
  • The first name of two friends to include in the story:

Your information:

  • Who the book is from:
  • Dedication: (example: With Love or any message you would like to say. Limit to 6 words)

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